How To Help A Tow Truck Find You

Roadside Assistance ManassasWhen it comes to a breakdown, you cannot predict it. You could be driving along a highway that you are unfamiliar with or even your neighbourhood; a breakdown is typically unpredictable. So, we thought it was best to look at how you can help our tow trucks find you in case of a breakdown. Let us jump into it!

Use your phone!

When you are chatting with our dispatchers, your phone can help situate you on the road by dropping a pin on google maps to get your coordinates or finding the nearest cross street. We need to know this information as telling us you are in city X is not going to get our tow trucks dispatched any faster.

Pay attention to minor signs on the road.

If you have to walk to get cell phone coverage¸, pay attention to small signs on the road. These signs are just for highway workers; they tell you what part of the highway. You can also use exit signs, milage signs or even stores or businesses. Anything that we can use to identify the rough region you and your vehicle are at will help!

Turn on your hazard lights.

No matter if you are broken down during the day or the night, please turn on your hazard lights. Otherwise called your four-way flashers, these lights will help other cars see you and our tow truck to identify your vehicle on the side of the road. This is especially critical at night, as depending on where you broke down, you could be on a corner or obstructed, and you do not want someone hitting you in the dark and causing a significant accident.

If you have them, light flares at night

It might seem like an odd thing to ask, but road flares are one of the best tools to deploy when you are broken down and waiting for a tow. They are bright; they make it obvious you are waiting for some help, and they ensure that cars in both directions know where you are. It is best to deploy a single road flare at the back of your vehicle near the roadside about 10 feet back from your car. Road flares generally last between 15-30 minutes, and your emergency kit should include a couple.

Get an emergency kit.

An emergency kit is not just for a natural emergency; it can be a vital tool during a breakdown. Kits can include cones, flares, food, water, and blankets to ensure that if you are broken down, you can hunker down until help arrives. IF you have kids, include a toy and a favorite snack so they can be entertained during the wait!

No matter if you have blown a tire or are waiting for a tow, we have listed a few ways in which you can help a tow truck find you! The most crucial part is you staying safe. So, what did we miss? What is your go-to tip for staying safe and helping a tow truck find you?

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  1. I’m glad you elaborated on roadside emergencies and how to deal with one. My younger brother’s going on a road trip next month, and it’d be the first time he’ll drive such a long distance, so I hope your tips help him learn how to act during a car emergency. Thanks for the information on what to do while waiting for a tow truck to help you.

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