How to Maintain Your Car Tires During Winter

Manassas TowingWinter presents a great time to go and enjoy long road trips with friends and family. Having a proper car and not worrying about calling towing service to fix your problems is something we should all aspire to have. There are tons of points you must consider when speaking and maintaining the health of your car and taking care of your car’s tires is one of those things. Tires are an essential part of your car and one cannot emphasize enough the importance it plays to their health. As winter approaches, you might become a little more worry about the overall health of your car tires.


It is important you consider some of these useful tips so as to keep your car in the best condition.


Check your tire pressure

Checking your tire pressure is the first thing you need to care about. It is important that you get your car’s tire pressure checked every two to three weeks. Cold temperatures can cause the pressure of your tires to drop. This can be very dangerous and cause your tires to wear unevenly. Low tire pressure can lead to damage that requires replacement that can be quite costly. The pressure level you have to maintain is different for rear tires as compared to front one. Moreover, it will also depend on the vehicle you have, so check with your mechanic and other service providers.

You need to understand that driving under low pressure can lead to damage. It will affect the shape of the tires leading to possible failure. It can also lead to increased treadwear, higher rolling resistance and less control on your turns. You also need to have more control over your tires, especially in winter when the roads are most slippery.


Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance can save your tires from potential damage, wear and tear. You need to get your tires checked periodically every few months to ensure they are in a perfect working condition. Tire rotation, alignment and wheel balancing are important points you must consider when getting your cars inspected. Ensure they are well aligned and balanced to prevent unnecessary damage that can affect other parts as well.


Keep tires clean

Keeping your tires clean is an important tip especially during winter. Dirt, mud and snow can cause damage especially if trapped under the thread of your tires. This will also make the tires slippery on wet roads, making it difficult for you to handle your car. Moreover, hazards such as low thread depths, splits and bulges are quite easy to spot when your tires are clean. This can save them from further damage. You need to ensure your tires are safe and that their threads are not damaged.

You also need to choose winter ready tires. These are special type of tires that are designed for winter season and have better traction and threads. It makes them ideal for wet and slippery roads especially during winter. Winter ready tires have small slips that create hundreds of extra small edges to grip the road.

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