Tips to make sure you stay safe on the road this summer.

Manassas TowingWhether you are packing up the family and heading to the lake or off to get in a round before the sun sets with the lads, safety is the priority. Here are some essential safety tips to keep you safe on the road this summer.

– Don’t drive distracted.

When it comes to the most dangerous thing that we see on the road, it happens to be distracted driving. We have seen so many states institute laws on texting or calling while driving, and while the fines are high, people still do it. You are not unique, and your lack of attention on the road can lead to your friends, yourself, or someone else’s death. Do not be dumb. Hang up and drive; it is a simple tip but something that we have to say every summer!

– Don’t drink and drive

Look… drinking and driving are one of the most idiotic and dangerous things that you can do. It is incredibly risky for both yourself and other drivers to be behind the wheel under the influence. The fines and penalties are extremely high and not worth the risk. There is a tonne of different options, including getting a ride with a sober friend, public transit, Uber, Lyft, or even good old walking. If you have been drinking, do not even think about driving.

– Buckle Up

Seat belts save lives; it is that simple. If you are in a car, you cannot predict what others will do on the road or if you will need to swerve to avoid an accident or collision. When things happen, they happen quick. Thus, every time that you get into a car, you need to wear your seat belt. It is not a suggestion, it is a life and death, and for us, you always have to choose life!

– Plan for adverse weather

In the summer, the weather might look great, but it can turn in an instant. With thunderstorms, heavy rain and even hail a possibility. Thus, it would be best if you were prepared if the weather were to go south, and you need to hunker down for a bit. Have a rain jacket, an emergency kit and some extra water and food in your car if things go south. You would be surprised at how much a rain jacket can help when dealing with a blown tire during a thunderstorm!

– Build-in extra time to get to your destination

Here in this state, there are two seasons, winter and construction. Thus, when you are preparing to head anywhere during the summer, expect to be delayed by something. There is always an accident, traffic, or something else that will slow you down. So, give yourself plenty of time to cruise the open highway, as you might be stuck for a bit during your trek.

No matter where you are heading this summer, be safe and execute caution when heading out on long road trips. Simply put, drive smart, and arrive alive. It is a simple mantra but perfectly accurate during the summer.

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  1. I agree with what you said about how seat belts can save lives since they can help protect you when the car is swerving to avoid an accident or collision. I recently heard about my cousin getting involved in a car accident the other day, and how he sustained more damage since he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, so I’ve been more careful about driving since I only just got my license last month. I’ll be sure to remember this from now on while I look for a tow truck company to contact if I ever find myself in a similar situation in the future.

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