Why Parking Lot Management Matters To Businesses

Whether you are running a single entity or in charge of a mall, parking lot management is essential for any business. Your parking lot is an extension of your property, and if potential clients cannot find a spot to park, they may avoid coming into the store. Here are some reasons why parking lot management by a towing company a great way is to ensure your store is set up for success.

Parking lot management by a towing company is cheaper than alternatives.

As most towing companies provide subsidized parking lot management services, towing companies are often cheaper for parking lot management. Having an employee patrol the parking lot is a waste of that employee’s skill set, as they could be selling. While employing a full-time parking lot attendant can be an expensive endeavor as hourly wages continue to increase across the country.

Parking violations are complicated.

If you are working with a towing company, the company can handle the complex and often time-consuming identification process. Cars need to be logged on when they enter the lot and have a permit to exceed the amount of time posted. Parking lot management services provide this and remove the car with ease if they have overstayed or are parking illegally. It takes careful notetaking and a fair amount of time to provide these services, and towing companies offer this for pennies on the dollar compared to employing someone to do it half the time.

Our trucks work 24/7, not just 9-5

Unlike a parking enforcement officer, our trucks do not need to take time off or head home after a shift. Parking lot management is a 24/7 job, but for most parking enforcement officers, their job ends at 5. Thus, your parking lot is unenforced for more than half of the day! With a towing company like ours, your parking lot rules will be enforced around the clock throughout the year.

Dependable Service that does not require additional calls or follow-up tickets for repeat offenders.

When you are running your parking lot management, you might be able to ticket, but who is enforcing the parking lot? It can be tough to track and find repeat offenders, and depending on your area; your ticket might not even have to be paid by state or local law. We can remove the vehicle and ticket the owner with a towing company when they come to pick up their vehicle. It is an actual fine, and we can hold their vehicle until it is paid. It is a win-win for business owners, and whether you have a couple of spots or multiple parking lots, we can enforce your rules with ease.

If you are looking for parking lot enforcement in your local area and do not know where to turn, it might be time to chat with a towing company. With round, the clock dependable service, great rates, and some of the best response times, parking lot management is expertise for many towing companies in your area!

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